Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Please use github (issue tracker, pull requests…) or contact me at apieum [at] gmail [dot] com


Tests are my specs so code (except refactorings) without tests won’t probably be accepted. If you want to contribute please add tests.

Test recommended requirements:

pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Sometimes –spec-color doesn’t function. You should uninstall nosecolor and nosespec then reinstall nosecolor and nosespec separatly (nosecolor first).

You can fix it like this:

pip uninstall nosespec nosecolor
pip install nosecolor && pip install nosespec

In order to have fast feedback with TDD loops, I develop with two virtualenvs (2.7 and 3.3 python versions) launched in a splited shell (tmux) which runs tests each time a file changes. Use the code below with option –with-watch to launch tests this way.

Launching tests:

git clone
cd eventize
nosetests --with-spec --spec-color ./eventize
# or with watch
# nosetests --with-spec --spec-color --with-watch ./eventize


Documentation is generated by sphinx from restructured text localized in doc/source. It is build by make (see doc/Makefile).

Except to explain implementation choices (why), please avoid comments in code. It aims at keeping focus on coding and avoiding outdated comments. Keep long names (vars, functions, classes…) and explicit tests names (complete sentences) to have understandable code.

Building doc:

git clone
cd eventize/eventize/doc
make all  # or make *target* (see in Makefile for *target*)

Continuous Integration

CI is made by travis for different python versions (trying to maintain compatibility with v2 python).

It checks:
  • test suites (nosetest)
  • rst-lint this README
  • doc building
  • code coverage