Eventize permits to listen to “before” and “after” methods events and “on_get”, “on_change”, “on_set”, “on_del” attributes events.

  • Can be used as a simple subject/observer pattern
  • Conditional events
  • Use descriptors to lazily and unobstrusively listen to “on_get”, “on_change”,”on_set”, “on_del” events on attributes and “before” and “after” events on methods.
  • Precise callbacks inheritance (see Subject)
  • Statically and dynamically customizable (via inheritance, pattern visitor over a “modifier” protocol, decorators…)

Fine grained event dispatcher

It can listen to events at 3 levels (by order of execution):
  • Descriptor Class: for all classes which use the given Attribute or Method descriptor class
  • Descriptor Instance: for all objects of a given class
  • Object instance: for the given object attribute value or method